Local History

Both Melita and Pierson libraries have several local history books on the shelves that can be checked out, and there are often travelers stopping in to do family research using our resources. Manitoba’s local history books have been digitized and are available on the website Manitobia.

Notable Historical sites and information about the area include:

  • Antler River Historical Society Museum

The Antler River Historical Society Museum was opened in 1972. It replaced the 1905 eight room public elementary school on the corner of Summit and Ash Streets. The museum is the result of a town effort, with many groups and individuals volunteering their time and money.

  • Boundary Commission Trail

The Boundary Commission went out first to establish the United States / Canada border. The North-West Mounted Police followed a year later, trekking across southern Manitoba by way of the Boundary Commission Trail

  • Brockinton Archeologist Site

The Brockinton Archaelological Site, also known as the Brockinton Indian Site National Historic Site of Canada, is located along the valley wall of the Souris River of southwestern Manitoba. It is a stratified site that has yielded evidence of three distinct occupations: an early bison kill and butchering pound about 800 AD, a Duck Bay culture occupation about 1100-1350 AD, and the first excavated evidence of the Williams culture about 1600 AD.

  • Linear Mounds Archeologist Site

Linear Mounds Site, including the Linear Mounda National Historic Site of Canada, is located on the plain overlooking the Souris River in southwestern Manitoba. The site consists of two long, linear earthern mounds with rounded mounds on each end and another small round earthern mound nearby. The site has been identified as the best surviving example of the Devils Lake – Sourisford Burial Complex with linear mounds. It occurs amoung the densest concentration of ancient Precontact (pre-fur trade) burial mounds in Canada.