Loan Periods & Fines

Collection  Description Circulation Policy
 Audio Books  Large collection on CD & MP3. Great to listen to while travelling and a valuable resource for sight impaired patrons.  2 weeks
2 months for blocks
 Books  Over 25 000 books. Genre labels are on Mysteries, Westerns, Christian Fiction, Classic, Large Print and Holidays. 2 weeks
 Magazines  Over 35 Magazines with wide variety of topics  2 weeks
 Newspapers  Local Newspaper –  The Recorder

 Melita Library – In-Use Library Only

Pierson Library – 2 weeks

 DVDs  Classic DVD collection of old favorites and musicals contemporary and recent releases in adult and children

 Melita Library – 2 weeks

Pierson Library – 1 week

The library does not charge overdue fees. If a book or other library item is damaged beyond repair or lost, a replacement fee will be charged.